We specialize in agility training...
where you and your dog can start an adventure that may last a lifetime.

Welcome to Dallas Dog Sports!

After 29 years in business, Dallas Dog Sports is closing its doors for good on
June 30, 2024. Retirement is in our future and new adventures are on the horizon.
To all that have played out here with us at Dallas Dog Sports – you have made the
last 29 years truly the best years of my working career. I treasure the friendships,
the comradery, the leap of faith that all of you made, putting your agility dreams in
our hands – THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU !!!!!

See you at the shows 😊 ……………………………..Patty

Dallas Dog Sports was founded in August 1995 to provide a dog training facility that offers a safe, fun and attractive training environment for you and your dog. Dallas Dog Sports is dedicated to providing individual attention and expertise in the areas of pre-agility and agility to enhance your training experience.

Dallas Dog Sports is owned and operated by Patty Drom. Patty moved to Texas in 1980 after graduating from State University of New York at Cortland with a B.S. degree in Biology. She began training dogs in 1985 and has been active in obedience, rally and agility since 1986. Patty is also an agility judge for USDAA, UKI, and AKC and has had the honor of judging at the National Finals for all three organizations. Her current four-legged companions are
"P-Piper" the Border Collie and "Spunky" the Miniature Poodle.

Mailing Address:

Dallas Dog Sports
2760 Pecan Drive
Wylie, TX 75098      

Happy Training!

                  RING OF HONOR               RING OF HONOR               RING OF HONOR               RING OF HONOR
Dallas Dog Sports is extremely proud of its champions!
USDAA Champions
Remington, ADCH
Rush, ADCH
Dice, PDCH
Trillian, LAA-Silver
Hank, ADCH
Shazam!!, LAA-Platinum
Ginger, ADCH
Maya, ADCH
Sophie, LAA-Bronze
Seri, ADCH
Buck, ADCH
Dancer, ADCH
Vette, ADCH
Murry, PDCH
Twist, ADCH
Rodeo, ADCH
Boomer, ADCH
Gwen, LAA-Silver
Chuy, ADCH
Diva, ADCH
Molly, ADCH
Sebastian, ADCH
Chevy, ADCH
Tank, ADCH
Judy, PDCH
Sondra, ADCH
Daisy, ADCH
Misty, ADCH
Buddy, ADCH
Kiva, ADCH
Edith, ADCH
Shirley, LAA-Bronze
Tookay, ADCH
Gracie, LAA-Platinum
Jenna, LAA-Platinum
Tipli, ADCH
Cady, LAA-Gold
Sammie, LAA-Platinum
Belle, ADCH
Annie, ADCH
Sooty, ADCH

AKC Champions
Rush, MACH3
Maya, MACH
Jojo, MACH
Seri, MACH
Misty, MACH
Dancer, MACH 5
Sadie, MACH
Cruiser, MACH
Chuy, MACH
Gwen, MACH
Pepe, MACH 3
Dewley, MACH
Mitzi, MACH
Shazam!!, MACH 2
Shelbie, MACH 8
Daisy, MACH 4
Toby, MACH
Paris, MACH
Chevy, MACH 2
Hattie, MACH
Loki, MACH
Buddy, MACH
Maxwell, MACH
Tookay, MACH 5
Belle, MACH
Dogge, MACH 2, PAX
Edith, MACH 7
Gracie, MACH 2
Annie, MACH
Kiva, MACH 2
Dulci, MACH
Ranger, MACH

NADAC Champions
Rusty, NATCH
Gracie, NATCH
Annie, NATCH2

ASCA Chanpions
Buck, ATCH
Gwen, ATCH
Judy, ATCH
Shea, ATCH
Daisy, ATCH
Gracie, ATCH2
Annie, ATCH2
Tank, ATCH

CPE Chanpions
Sophie, C-ATCH

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Phone: (972) 442-9226
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