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Dallas Dog Sports offers agility training classes from the Beginner level to the Advanced level. Most classes meet in the evenings, Monday through Thursday. There are a few daytime classes as well. Although some of you would like to see some weekend training classes, that's when all the shows are, and all us instructor types are out showing or judging.

Agility Classes Offered: Pre-Agility Classes Offered:
* Beginner   Pre-Agility Level 1 (P1)  
  Novice * Pre-Agility Level 2 (P2)  

For class content, Private Instruction, and Pre-requisites, click on the class level above.
* All Beginner Agility candidates must complete and pass the graduation criteria for the Pre-Agility Level 2 (P2) class.

PREREQUISITES for all classes:
(1) Your dog must not exhibit aggression towards people or dogs at any time ... for any reason. This stipulation is not to be taken lightly. You will not be permitted to work an aggressive dog at Dallas Dog Sports, and no refunds will be made should you be excused from classes. Handlers must be 12 years of age or older to participate.

All classes are designed to meet the needs of the dogs/handlers at each level. We concentrate on teaching the individual obstacles in the Beginner classes. The Novice classes work on developing the technical skills you will need to sequence obstacles on a course. The Intermediate level classes assume full comprehension of all obstacles, and concentrates on 'finding the flow' on the course. The Advanced classes work on the nuances of handling, perfecting the lines to execute the most efficient course, and take all these skills and push it to the limit.


The beginner agility program consists of two six week sessions, Beginner Agility 1 and 2.
Beginner Agility 1
Dogs must be a minimum of 7 months (30 weeks) old AND have received their Rabies, Parvo and Distemper vaccinations. This level presumes your dog graduated from the Pre-Agility Level 2 class offered at DDS and has a good understanding of the skills described uner "What your dog will learn" as outlined under the P2 description (see Pre-Agility 2). Handlers must be 12 years of age or older to participate. No aggressive dogs, please.

What you will learn: 
  • HANDLING maneuvers such as front cross, post turn,
  • Basic agility hand SIGNALS using close arm and off arm,,
  • Reward Zone - RZ and what an important role it plays,
  • Agility 'speak' - it's a whole new LANGUAGE 😊,
  • Basic RULES for competing in the sport of dog agility,
  • How to THINK and MOVE at the same time,
  • Basic agility FOOTWORK
What your dogs will learn:
  • Your dog will gain experience on the following agility obstacles: Jumps, Tire, Table, Tunnel, Dogwalk, Aframe. (We save the Teeter-Totter and the Weave Poles for the Novice Agility class),
  • Sequencing obstacles using common configurations such as figure 8, pinwheels, arcs and boxes,
  • Sending skills (send to jumps, tunnel and table),
  • Independent contact zone criteria - 2on/2off,
  • How to stay focused on YOU during their off-leash work,
To GRADUATE from the Beginner Agility 1 class, dogs must:
  • Be UNDER CONTROL when off-leash,
  • Have a solid STAY at the start line,
  • For CONTACT OBSTACLES: Must be crossing the low dogwalk and aframe with confidence,
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of 2ON/2OFF behavior on a ground plank,
  • Be performing a JUMP, TIRE, TUNNEL, TABLE on their own (not at full jump height),
  • Demonstrate an 'off' switch, either crated or on their mat,
  • Be in FIT CONDITION and at a working weight that will allow them to be successful at their full jump height
Beginner Agility 2
This class is a continuation of the Beginner Agility 1 class and builds upon the great foundation that you have worked so hard on with your dog. You must have met the Eligibility requirements AND the graduation criteria as outlined above in the Beginner Agility 1 class in order to participate in Beginner Agility 2. This class give you and your dog more time on the obstacles, learning how to be an agility dog 😊. There is a GRADUATION TEST at the conclusion of this session that allows you to move on to the NOVICE AGILITY level or repeat previous sessions if the need arises.


This class level is designed to take your basic training of individual obstacle and short sequences on to the next step and add the Teeter or Weave Poles to the list of trained obstacles.  The goal of the Novice Agility Class is to get you and your dog ready for agility competitions.

To graduate from the Novice Agility Class to the Intermediate Agility Class:

  • All Obstacles: Dog must be able to successfully and reliably negotiate each obstacle in its final form (jumps at full height, contact obstacles at full height, straight line weaves).
  • Dog must have achieved three qualifying scores in the Standard class (i.e. earned their Novice Standard title) in either AKC, ASCA or USDAA. For other venues, please discuss with your Instructor.


The Intermediate Agility Class is for dogs that have some competition experience, having attained their NOVICE STANDARD title. The focus of the Intermediate Agility Class level is to improve and add to your handling repertoire, further our dogs' education on obstacle performance, and delve into course analysis.

To graduate from the Intermediate Agility Class to the Advanced Agility Class:

  • Dog must be competing at the top level (in the Standard class) in any venue: (Masters (USDAA), Excellent (AKC), or Elite (NADAC).  


The Advanced Agility Class is our highest level class.  It is reserved for dogs that are competing at the top level class - Masters, Excellent, or Elite.  This is the class where we 'find the flow' and set out to train and handle for that Blue Ribbon performance.


If you would like some one-on-one training, book one of our instructors for some valuable concentrated training. We offer private instruction in both pre-agility and agility. Fees for private lessons are listed on the "Class Fees" page.

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