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The Pre-Agility and Beginner Agility classes are 6 week sessions and are the only sessions that have a start and stop date. All other levels are on-going classes.

Pre-Agility 1 (meets Thursday at 7:00 pm) and Pre-Agility 2 (meets Thursday at 8:00 pm):
2019: September 4
October 16
2020: January 8
February 19

Beginner Agility classes (meet Mondays at 7 pm or 8 pm):
2020: January 6
April 6

The progression of classes is as follows: Pre-Agility 1,2, Beginner Agility, Graduate Beginner Agility, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced.  (NOTE: Dogs in the Intermediate class level and above are competition ready and have at least some experience in an agility trial situation. How long you spend in each level is simply a matter of how quickly you and your dog master the skills at each level).

Subject to change. Each class must have a minimum of six dogs to be held.
10 AM

9 AM
1   ADV (PD) ADV (PD)  
11 AM

10 AM
2   NOV (PD)  NOV (PD)  

7 PM
1   ADV (PD) ADV (PD)
2     NOV/INT (SL) NOV (AL)
3 BEG / BEG-G (PD)   PRE-1 (PD)
Starts Sept 4

8 PM
1   INT/ADV ADV (PD)  
2     NOV (SL) NOV/INT (AL)
3 BEG / BEG-G (PD) PRE-2 (PD)
Starts Sept 4

Classes: Instructors:
  PRE = Preagility   PD = Patty Drom
  BEG = Beginner Agility   SL = Stacy Lehman
  BEG-G = Graduate Beginner Agility   JF = Jody Faulkner
  NOV = Novice Agility   AL = Aimee Legendre
  INT = Intermediate Agility   HB = Herb Blase
  ADV = Advanced Agility  

New preagility classes (6 week sessions) begin every 6-8 weeks.
      Next Preagility Class starts September 4.

Please contact us for the current class schedule at info@dallasdogsports.com or 972-442-9226.

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