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Agility is a fast-paced, fun sport that you and your dog can participate in together. You may choose to do agility just for the fun of it or you may decide to compete with your dog in one or all of several venues of agility competitions. Dogs and handlers compete for titles, placements and bragging rights. Three major players that sanction agility trials are AKC-American Kennel Club, USDAA-United States Dog Agility Association, and ASCA-Australian Shepherd Club of America. Other agility organizations such as NADAC-North American Dog Agility Council, CPE-Canine Performance Events, and UKI (UK Agility International) are also active in our area. Both purebred and mixed breed dogs are welcome to compete in all of these organizations.

Agility is a timed event where you and your dog travel an obstacle course that includes jumps and tunnels, climbing obstacles like the A-frame, Teeter-totter and Dog Walk, and a set of upright poles that the dog must weave in and out of. Dogs are judged on the accuracy of completing each obstacle and maintaining the proper course flow. In scoring, the most accurate dog with the fastest time wins the class. Each course is assessed a standard course time so dogs that are accurate but slow, may be assessed time faults that would be added to their score.

Can My Dog Do Agility?
There are several breeds of dogs that excel at the sport. Border Collies, Shelties, Labs, Goldens, Aussies and Jack Russell Terriers are a few of the breeds that dominate the sport. However, all dogs have the potential to succeed with the following criteria:

  • Your dog should be physically sound and at a good working weight. Dogs with physical problems such as hip/elbow displasia, shifting lameness or other physical ailments should not be doing agility. Weight-wise, your dog should be a lean, mean jumpin' machine……. extra layers of fat will inhibit your dogs performing ability and could put undue stress on joints and tissue. Agility is a physically demanding sport for your dog and they should be in good shape.

  • Sound temperament and good basic obedience skills are a must for the agility dog. Aggressive dogs are not permitted to train at Dallas Dog Sports. On the other hand, dogs that are shy or timid around strange people or dogs can benefit greatly from the agility training experience. It boosts their self-confidence and exposes them to new and different situations that they find out they CAN handle.
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